•      Saint Francis Indian School is a Sicangu government-chartered school funded by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE).  With approximately 700+ Native children and over 100+ faculty and staff, SFIS provides an opportunity for children to learn in an Oceti Sakowin Oyate environment.  Located within the historic Great Sioux Reservation, SFIS is a unique place of learning, providing K12 education for the Sicangu community.    

         Saint Francis Indian School are inviting candidates to apply for the following position(s).  These positions will appeal to those who foster academic excellence from an Indigenous perspective.  These successful candidates must have an approachable, collaborative leadership style.  We take a decolonizing approach to administration and teaching, both rooted in Indigenous principles and philosophies.  Our faculty, staff, parents and school-age children adhere strongly to the twin commitments of accountability to community and academic integrity.   

         Saint Francis Indian School appreciates unsolicited applications for employment any time of the year.  If you are interested, please call to be placed on our openings contact list.  The School's Job Application is located on this page and can be downloaded in PDF format.

         The St. Francis Indian School has openings for positions below.      ** Please call for most current openings. ** 

    Updated July 17, 2020.  Closing Date: July 24, 2020 or Open until filled. Call for latest positions. Positions are for the 2020 - 2021 school year unless otherwise noted. All Teaching positions require a South Dakota Teacher Certification in the area that applies to your concentration. All Para-educators require a Para-Pro Certificate and/or 48 college credits in your area to be considered Highly Qualified (HQ).

    K-12 Certified Teaching Positions for the 2020-21 School Year
    **NOTE:  Start Date for new teachers is August 12, 2020**
    Current SD Teaching Certificate Required

    Elementary School (Grades K-6)
    2 - Elementary  Teachers

    Middle School (Grades 7-8)
    1 - Language Arts Teacher
    1 - Social Studies Teacher
    1 - Science Teacher

    High School (Grades 9-12)
    2 - Language Arts Teachers
    1 - Computer Science Teacher
    1 - CTE Construction Teacher

    School-Wide K-12
    1 - Guidance Counselor

    SPECIAL EDUCATION Program (K-12)
    1 - Elementary SPED Teacher

    1 - Middle School Lakota Culture Instructor

    TITLE VI & FACE PROGRAM (Family and Child Education)
    1 - Home-Based Parent Educator

    Business Manager
    Chief Financial Officer: Experience with 1)BIE fund accounting, 2) use of Software Unlimited accounting system, 3)Tribal Grant Schools funding, is preferred for the above 2 positions.
    Middle School Principal (Grades 7-8)
    High School Principal (Grades 9-12)
    Administrative Assistant to the Board of Education and Superintendent/CEO
    Human Resources Director (Experience Required)
    Special Education Director
    School Nurse
    Technology Assistant

    Bus Drivers/Groundskeeper (CDL Required)
    Mechanic (Transportation Dept)
    Food Service Head Cook

    TO APPLY: Submit SOH, Inc. job application with Appendix A from website (see links below) and mail to Saint Francis Indian School, Human Resources, P.O. Box 379, St. Francis, SD 57572 or call Judy Crow Eagle at 605-747-2299 ext. 2111. Applications can also be emailed to

    REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL TEACHING POSITIONS: Requires a Teacher’s Certification in the area that applies to your concentration.

    Download SFIS Job Application and Pre-employment Investigation (Background Check) forms below. Both are required as consideration for employment.

    NOTICE: All individuals selected are subject to the Drug Free Workplace Policy of the Sicangu Oyate Ho, Inc. which includes pre-employment drug testing. All tentative selectees are subject to a favorable Background Investigation. For information on submitting applications and supporting documentation please call 605-747-2299, ext. 2111.

    SFIS Job Application
    Pre-employment Investigation Form

    Thank you for considering employment at St. Francis Indian School.


Last Modified on July 17, 2020