• Homecoming Week      

    High School Department                                 747-2298

    Principal Mrs. Gina Curran, Ed.S.                        gcurran@sfisk12.org

    Dean of Students-Deb Boyd                                dboyd@sfisk12.org

    Academic Advisor-Arlyn Eastman                        arliee@sfisk12.org

    Office Manager-Paula Whiting                             pwhiting@sfisk12.org

    Attendance Clerk-Kathy Spotted Horse               kspottedh@sfisk12.org

    Home School Liaison-Elda Bad Hand                  ebadhand@sfisk12.org



    If you have questions about a new or returning enrollment, please contact Diane Bordeaux at 605-747-2999 x3211.


    High School Teaching Staff:

    1. Leland Alejandro - Math Teacher
    2. Alvin Esteron - Math Teacher
    3. Jennifer Eastman - Lakota Studies Teacher
    4. Vacant - Social Studies Teacher
    5. Lema Leader Charge-Social Studies
    6. Michael Curran - Computer Teacher
    7. Gregory Passalacqua - PE/Health
    8. Ryan Holy Eagle- Art Teacher
    9. Marion Running Horse - High School Lakota Language Teacher
    10. Charles Reambonanza - Science Teacher
    11. Vacant- Science Teacher
    12. Mary Carmel Temporal - English Language Arts Teacher
    13. Catherine Keeton - English Language Arts Teacher
    14. Harold Charging Hawk - Paraprofessional
    15. Gabe Haukaas-Library Aide
    16. Wayne Claymore-Alternative School Teacher


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