Native Pathways to College Advising Completion Challenge

  • Thanks to the Native Pathways to College grant, students can earn gift cards for completing advising tasks. Students must be enrolled in the Native Pathways to College program to be eligible for gift cards.
    College Application Completion (seniors/graduating in May 2020)$25 Visa gift card for each student who has completed at least 7 college applications prior to graduation. (That includes ACT scores, recommendation letters, essays, and anything else the college they are applying to requires).
    Scholarship Completion (seniors first): $25 Visa gift card for each student who submits at least 5 completed scholarship applications by the scholarship deadline. Students can use the scholarship handout in the Heart Room college information center or a scholarship database (see below). Use caution when applying to scholarships through a database as they are not vetted and some may be scams. If it does not look right (several misspelled words, bad grammar and/or asking too many personal questions) I recommend that you be on the safe side and skip it. The table below is provided to be helpful and the links worked the last time I checked them. If the link does not go to the page named, do not use the link. The last link (Dean Chavers Foundation/Catching the Dream) is a helpful source of information for applying to scholarships. He will also review scholarship essays from seniors to help them earn as many scholarships as possible. Students who meet the eligibility rules for his foundation can receive personal coaching from Mr. Chavers for applying to scholarships.
    • Perfect/Outstanding attendance (juniors and seniors): $25 Visa gift card for junior and senior students who qualify for outstanding attendance. (Attend classes all day and only miss one day of school excused or unexcused. Last year we had 4 students qualify for perfect/outstanding attendance.)

    Junior Advising Completiona $15 Subway gift card for juniors who complete advising by March 31st. (Take the ACT at least once by April 3rd, create your FSA ID, choose 4 colleges based on major and fit).

    ACT Challenges (juniors and seniors): ACT Study challenge: $25 Visa gift card drawing for students who show Ms. Thompson proof of studying for the ACT test no later than the day before the test is held. Free online study materials are available at ACT Academy ( Students can also use Method Test Prep through their SDMyLife account if they have one and/or ACT Online Prep and ACT Rapid Review (students must use the link provided by ACT in their email after registering with a fee waiver). Study books are also available for check out from Ms. Thompson upon request. I will need to see in writing (on a separate sheet of paper) where you worked out problems, answered questions and reviewed your wrong/right answer to improve. High ACT Score: $25 visa gift card for the student with the highest ACT score 20+ (1 junior and 1 senior student). If there is a tie, a drawing will be held. Each ACT Test will have a pizza party afterwards.

    To enroll in Native Pathways to College: Applications are available in Ms. Thompson's office and online at (click "High School College Choice" under application). Students also need to complete the survey that will be emailed to them once the application is received by Native Pathways or it can be completed at Return paper applications to Ms. Thompson. Please contact Ms. Thompson via email at or 605 747 2298 ext 4308 if you have any questions.