• Homecoming Week      

    High School Department                                 747-2298

    Principal Mrs. Gina Curran, Ed.S.                        gcurran@sfisk12.org

    Dean of Students-Deb Boyd                                dboyd@sfisk12.org

    Academic Advisor-Arlyn Eastman                        arliee@sfisk12.org

    Office Manager-Elda Bad Hand                           ebadhand@sfisk12.org

    Attendance Clerk-Kathy Spotted Horse               kspottedh@sfisk12.org



    If you have questions about a new or returning enrollment, please contact Diane Bordeaux at 605-747-2999 x3211.


    High School Teaching Staff:

    1. Leland Alejandro - Math Teacher
    2. Alvin Esteron - Math Teacher
    3. Jennifer Eastman - Lakota Studies Teacher
    4. Joyce Anne Clever - Social Studies Teacher
    5. Merle Anderson - Social Studies
    6. Michael Curran - Computer Teacher
    7. Van Giovanie Ramos- PE/Health
    8. Debra Opland - Art Teacher
    9. Marion Running Horse - High School Lakota Language Teacher
    10. Meshielle Salise- Science Teacher
    11. Genesis Barbon - Science Teacher
    12. Mary Carmel Temporal - English Language Arts Teacher
    13. Marissa Del Rosario- English Language Arts Teacher
    14. Harold Charging Hawk - Paraprofessional
    15. Gabe Haukaas-Library Aide
    16. Wayne Claymore-Alternative School Teacher


    Free tutoring

    Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring: Extra support for struggling students

    The Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring program is back this year – even better than last year! While the program still offers one-on-one, on-demand tutoring sessions during convenient after-school hours, we’ve added a new feature: Tutor Tracks. Tutor Tracks connects students with online tutors over a seven-week period to focus on reading, grammar, or math. Both options are FREE to families, who must register their student(s) first, in order to participate. Tutors are students in the teacher preparation programs at Black Hills State University and Northern State University. Want to provide your students with some extra support? Promote this service to your families and their teachers. The Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring promotional toolkit includes website banners, social media posts, and flyers that schools can use at back-to-school events, PTA/PTO meetings, family nights, fall parent-teacher conferences, etc.

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