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Overview of K-6

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    The Elementary School is grouped into 2 areas for better resource management.

    The Lower Elementary covers grades Kindergarten through 2. Lower Elementary Administrative Assistant is Nicole Marshall at 605-747-2297. Ms. Marshall handles all K-6 student attendance matters. She also deals with other K-2 student issues, but can assist any parent or guardian. Please feel free to see her. 

    The Upper Elementary covers grades 3 through 6. The Upper Elementary Office Manager is Madonna Crow Eagle at 605-747-2999. Ms. Crow Eagle can help parents and guardians with general concerns about their K-6 student. All student attendance issues are handled by Nicole Marshall in Lower Elementary (west offices). Ms. Crow Eagle is located in the east offices which mostly service the 3-6 grade classrooms.

    Dani Walking Eagle, Principal, is located in the Lower Elementary offices. Besides being administrative leader of Elementary, she deals with curriculum implementation for K-6 and directs the FACE program.  A graduate of Saint Francis Indian School, she proudly contributes to the academic success of future generations.

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