Foster Care Transportation Plan

  • In 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) added new provisions to Title I, Part A, to complement the existing requirements in child welfare law. ESSA now requires every state educational agency to collaborate with the state child welfare agency to ensure the educational stability of children in foster care, including assurances that children in care remain in their school of origin, unless it is not in their best interest. ESSA also provides a blueprint for allocating responsibility for providing transportation for foster youth to remain in their school of origin. ESSA requires LEAs receiving Title I, Part A funds to collaborate with child welfare agencies to develop written procedures governing how transportation to maintain children in their school of origin will be provided, arranged, and funded. Those procedures must ensure that:

    • Children in foster care needing transportation will receive it promptly, in a cost-effective manner, and in accordance with the state ability to use Title IV-E (foster care) funds.
    • If there are no additional costs incurred in providing school of origin transportation for children in foster care, the LEA should provide the transportation.
    • If there are additional costs incurred, the LEA must provide transportation only if:
      1. the local child welfare agency agrees to reimburse the costs;
      2. the LEA agrees to pay the costs; or
      3. the LEA and child welfare agency agree to share the costs.

    St Francis Indian School provides free transportation to all students requiring such a service. Further, the district ensures that students are always provided the opportunity to attend their school of origin unless the distance is prohibitive.

    If, as a foster parent, you have a student that requires transportation from your home to his or her school of origin, you can call the school to arrange for daily transportation.  Please bring any custody documents with you if you come to the school in person.

    Questions, please call the Federal Programs Office at 747-2299.