Elementary School

The Elementary School is grouped into 2 areas for better resource management.

The Lower Elementary covers grades Kindergarten through 2. Lower Elementary Office Manager is Summer Shields Him at 605-747-2297. She also deals with other K-2 student issues, but can assist any parent or guardian. Please feel free to see her. 

The Upper Elementary covers grades 3 through 5. The Upper Elementary Administrative Assistant is Madonna Crow Eagle at 605-747-2999. Ms. Crow Eagle can help parents and guardians with general concerns about their K-5 student.  Ms. Crow Eagle is located in the east offices which mostly service the 3-5 grade classrooms.

The Dean of Students for the elementary is Mr. Jay Claymore.

The Elementary Principal, Mr. Richard Badmilk, is located in the Upper Elementary offices. Besides being administrative leader of Elementary, he deals with curriculum implementation for K-5.